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ST0HS Series with Fiber Optic SMU

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ST0HS 0825 SR and DR
ST0HS 0845 SR and DR
ST0HS 0860 SR and DR
ST0HS 1225 SR and DR
ST0HS 1245 SR and DR
ST0HS 1260 SR and DR
ST0HS 1625 SR and DR
ST0HS 1645 SR and DR
ST0HS 1660 SR and DR
ST0HS 2025 SR and DR
ST0HS 2045 SR and DR
ST0HS 2060 SR and DR
ST0HS 2425 SR and DR
ST0HS 2445 SR and DR
ST0HS 2460 SR and DR

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ST0HS Series SMU [String Monitoring Unit]
Electronic Solutions to control and supervise photovoltaic plants
The "ST0HS" series of SMU [String Monitoring Unit] are electronic boards used to manage and supervise photovoltaic plants. These devices permit the monitoring of the current and the voltage generate to the photovoltaic panels to guarantee an immediate control on all the plantsand intervene quickly in case of not correct plant working.
The new Kernel ST0HS series is the answer to the changing market needs. The market for the huge plants needs now string controllers working at 1500 VDC.
The use of the latest generation microprocessors allow to have on the ST0HS Kernel series better performance than ST1 Kernel series about reading precision, working temperature range, noise immunity and the chance to create a biggest products gamma.                         
The real bet which ST0HS brilliantly won, has been create a device better than ST1 series with a lower price.
Available models complete of plastic support, code ST0HS with NC on final NC, or without any support, code ST0N with NK on final (naked).
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