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ST2 Series SMU String Monitoring Unit

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ST2 0825

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ST2 Series SMU [String Monitoring Unit]
Electronic Solutions to control and supervise photovoltaic plants
The "ST2" series of SMU [String Monitoring Unit] are electronic boards used to manage and supervise photovoltaic plants. These devices permit the monitoring of the current and the voltage generate to the photovoltaic panels to guarantee an immediate control on all the plantsand intervene quickly in case of not correct plant working. All the "ST2" serie models permit to supervise the string box temperature and have n°1 voltage input (0 ... 10 V), n°1 current analogic input (0 ... 20 mA) for solarimeter inputs, n°4 PNP inputs to supervise switch disconnector and docker, n° 1 PT100 input, RS 485/RS 487 serial port with Modbus or IEC 60870-5-101 protocol. 
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